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April 2011
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Smith & Wesson 357 J-Frame

The Smith & Wesson 357 J-Frame is basically a self-protection handgun. It is generally not used for target practice. Because of its size, it is easily concealable and also one of the preferred guns by people with smaller physical stature.

March 2011
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Smith & Wesson 357 N-Frame

The Smith & Wesson 357 N-Frame is a self-protection handgun, as well as a target gun. It is both a double-action, and a single-action handgun. 357’s are a dual caliber gun, meaning that they can use 357-caliber and 38-caliber ammunition.

February 2011
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Smith & Wesson 1911 45 ACP

The Smith and Wesson 1911 were used by the US military as the standard sidearm. This gun is exceptional in its own regard because it handles and shoots remarkably well. It is used for most competitions and has a staggeringly large round.

January 2011
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Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum

It was made famous by and is still most often associated with the fictional character "Dirty" Harry Callahan from the Dirty Harry series of films starring Clint Eastwood.